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"In a short poetic text, the author of "Hooray for Snail!" relates a trance-like experience of being a bear on a misty mountain, learning tight-rope walking from two parental-looking bears..."
*Publishers Weekly"

"What would it be like to waken as a bear on a mist covered mountain? If that's not frightening enough, it gets more complicated. The deceptively simple plot is cumulative and suspenseful - down to the last page. It takes on fear of the unknown and rises above it."
*Chattanooga News Free Press*

What would it be like
To awaken
A bear
On a mist-covered mountain
No memories in sight
Approached by strangers
Who teach tightrope walking
To children on high wire
One step after another
Knees shaking, eyes wide open,
You stumble and reach out
But all is well
You go on alone
To where the children welcome you
And accept you as one of their own
There, on a mist-covered mountain