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School Visits:

"Picture Books, Pop-ups, Fold-outs & Animation!"

John Stadler has visited hundreds of schools, libraries, colleges, museums and conferences over the years. Here is some information about his presentations:

At Crossroads Academy (Lyme, New Hampshire - 2010)

Responses To Previous School Visits:

"Thank you so much for your great visit to our school over the two day period. It was perfect- exactly what we envisioned when we started to plan the days. Your delivery, sense of humor, and obvious dedication to your craft made us all have quite an enjoyable time (staff included). The teachers remarked repeatedly about your sensitivity to the children and this impressed them above all.
We are most thankful that you made the time for us and we hope to possibly repeat the visits in the future. Keep writing and we will keep reading!

*The Solomon Schecter School of Westchester*

"John Stadler entertained both the children and adults. He has a dry (not sarcastic) sense of humor which was appreciated by all. He respects children and entertains adults... We'd love to have him back again next year."

*Pequenakonck Elementary School, North Salem, NY

"John Stadler was wonderful with the children. Soft spoken with a terrific sense of humor, he was able to keep the children engaged at all times. His presentation was interesting and informative."

*Westorchard Elementary School, Chappaqua, NY

"John was gentle-natured and very in tune with what the children's needs were. He was educational and informative... Routine was funny and very willing to let the children be involved in story-making and illustrating."

"We invited Mr. Stadler back... and the children were once again thrilled with his presentation... The presentation was wonderful."

*Lakeview Elementary School, Mahopac,NY

At Woodstock Elementary School (Vermont - 1996)

Program Description:

John Stadler's presentations are known for their humorous, educational and interactive qualities. Generally, each presentation consists of up to five parts:

1. John draws some characters from his books. (An easel with copious amounts of large paper and markers should be supplied for the visit.)

2. John shows how picture books, pop-up & fold-out books are made from start to finish (idea, mock-up, printing and book form).

3. John demonstrates how to come up with ideas, actively involving the children in the process and drawing their ideas on the spot.

4. John shows examples of his animation work and explains the process.

5. Question and answers.

Each presentation runs from 40-45 minutes (somewhat shorter for kindergarten groups). To ensure quality and John's continued sanity, presentations are limited to three per day.
All drawings will be left for the school, library etc. to do with as they wish. Customarily, John also gives the school some of his award-winning posters.