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"Stadler offers readers an awful lot of fun in just a few words. The short text ("The cat is back at bat") is perfectly illustrated with a picture of a cat up at the plate, using his bandaged tail as a bat. Umpire and catcher are looking at him askance. So it goes, a shark hears a bark in the park and runs from the little dog chasing him. But the pictures are not always obvious: a moose and a goose run loose because they are robbers, fleeing from a bank, dropping money out of holes in their bags. Kids learning to read couldn't have an easier, more enticing beginning."

"On each double spread of this amusing VERY easy reader, Stadler links three rhyming words in a brief sentence and illustrates the silly results...
Good practice for novices, who may want to make up their own rhymed, comical situations."
*Kirkus Reviews*

"Fourteen silly rhymed bits about different animals, designed to keep beginning readers smiling as they learn... The detailed, humorously outlandish pictures provide an opportunity for a more complicated conversation than the words provide."
*School Library Journal*

The cat is back at bat.
An ape in a cape has a scrape.
A goat in a coat sails a boat.
A fat rat wears a hat.
A crab tries to grab a cab.